Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund

The Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund combines two non-correlated strategies — a fundamental, global macro strategy with a balanced portfolio of US equities – to help deliver a return stream that is uncorrelated to the broader market.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum…

Our goal is to outperform our primary benchmark, the S&P 500, while managing risk by blending non-correlated assets such as discretionary global macro with a portfolio of US equities. Through rebalancing between these approaches, we aim to harness divergent performance and generate what we term “Dynamic Alpha.”

Future state: white paper on 7 most important portfolio measures

* There is no guarantee any investment strategy will meet its objective. There is no guarantee any investment strategy will generate a profit or prevent a loss.

Expanding the Investment Universe

We believe that these correlated returns are a byproduct of most managers investing only in stocks and bonds. Our fund addresses this correlation risk by including a fundamental global macro strategy with access to over 40 liquid markets with negligible return correlations to each other and S&P 500.

Primary Investments

  • US Equity ETFs
  • Long/Short Futures (financial indices, currencies, metals, energy, commodities)
  • Short Term Fixed income

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